Kloie Picot

Photographer/ Videographer

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Kloie Picot is a Canadian-born photojournalist/ video filmmaker who has devoted herself to documenting conflicts, critical social issues, cultural events, and religions from around the world. Self-taught with help from friends and professionals, Kloie is also pursuing the multi-media field by combining photography, video and sound.

She has traveled and worked extensively in The Middle East, Central Asia, and The Far East. It was in Israel, and Occupied Palestine, where she spent 8 months filming ‘Shots That Bind’ about the lives and work of Palestinian Photojournalists in Nablus, that Kloie became enthralled with the split-second capturing of moments photography exemplifies.

Kloie has a variety of publications to her credit and has held several exhibitions of her work. One such exhibition ‘Sri Lanka, Facing Survival, One Month After’ raised funds to rebuild a brick factory for a survivor of the tsunami in Batticaloa-Ampara district of the Tamil Tiger controlled area of Sri Lanka.

Ms. Picot is currently working on several personal photo and multi-media projects as well as pursuing her goals in photojournalism.

“The greater you allow your range of emotions and intuition to feel and show, the deeper you identify with the subject and moments you are capturing, the greater your receptivity by your subject and by those who view the image.” - Kloie Picot