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Iraqi Victims of War

(This photo essay is part of an ongoing project I started in July 2008 photographing and documenting the lives of Iraqi refugees in Jordan, Syria and Lebanon.)

Kidnap, murder, soldier, explosion, army, militia, ambush car; these words are the pattern of vernacular of Iraqi children and their parents in the mayhem of Iraq.
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The Disabled Displaced in Afghanistan

Disabled refugees and internally displaced Afghans are truly forgotten individuals. The conflicts between the Afghan Soviet backed government of M. Najibullah and the mainly United States and Pakistan backed Mujaheen, the Taliban Regime and now the deployment of Allied forces in Afghanistan have left behind hundreds of thousands of disabled Afghans.
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The Sea Gypsies of the Andaman Sea

A small community of 88 Sea Gypsies on Payam Isand in the Andaman Sea now lives in Bungalows donated by the Thai and Swedish Chapter of The Full Gospel Church, and many have converted from a mix of Animism and Buddhism to Christianity. Today, after 500 years of discreetly packing up and floating away to new...
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Truth is Fiction

“The Maoists came to my village. First they came to my school and told us that when they are victorious there would be no caste system, then they came to my home and asked for donations, then they stayed in my home, then they killed my brother, then they wanted me to join them. Three friends and I escaped and came to Kathmandu that was 3 years ago.
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A Tamil Tiger Funeral

On February 7th E. Kaushaylan, Tamil Tiger (LTTE) leader in the Batticaloa-Ampara district of Sri Lanka, and four other cadres, identified as Pugalan, Madimaran, Thamulan and Vinodhan were returning from talks with Sri Lanka representatives about releasing aid for his stricken area. On his return journey he, together with his 4 aids were ambushed and assassinated.
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Tattoo, Pain-Pleasure, Body-Art

In China there were a few ethnic minority groups that used tattooing as a normal part of coming-of-age rituals, or simply because it was considered beautiful. The majority of Chinese, though, the Han, used tattooing as a punishment for criminals, and a way to easily identify them later. Coupled with the Confucian saying: “Our bodies, to every hair and bit of skin...
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Free Acheh Movement - Portraits of Fighters.

After the tsunami which killed an estimated 260,000 people from Acheh on Sumatra Island, and with the spotlight on Acheh the GAM fighters and Indonesian Army signed peace accords
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